Digital Services
We help theaters boost
their marketing and
drive online ticket sales.
Boost acquisition with cross platform presence, optimize conversion for sites and apps, and increase retention with state of the art CRM tools. Clients include the largest exhibition chains in the US and throughout the world.
Our approach:
Build a modern digital presence across all platforms that integrates ticketing, point of sales, food & beverage, and special events.
Mobile Apps
Ticketing Pages
Voice Apps
Integrate your showtimes and ticketing pages across all major platforms such as Google Showtimes, Facebook Movies, Bing, IMDB, etc.
Showtimes Data
Ticketing Links
Business Visibility
SEO Optimization
Pay-Per-Click Ads
Populate your site with shareable data-driven content tied to the movies you're playing in theaters and keep your fans coming back for more.
Expert Articles
Viral Videos
SEO Editorial
Social Media
Elevate your customers to a community of loyal movie fans through our powerful and easy-to-use customer relationship management tools.
Smart Targeting
Transaction Reports
Real Time Sales
Our best sellers:
From plug-and-play to custom-made websites, we work with your team to create a great experience designed to get your fans to buy tickets as easily as possible, wherever they are.
At a glance:
Branded designs proven to drive ticket sales
Integrated showtimes, trailers, posters
Powering 500 cinema sites worldwide
Fast, easy, and affordable
Mobile Apps
We help you sell movie tickets on the go through an easy-to-use and visually stunning mobile app. Increase your customer base, boost retention and talk directly to your core customers.
At a glance:
Branded discovery experience
Design-driven and immersive
Fast, easy, and affordable
3x conversion rate
We help you drive movie fans directly to your website's ticketing pages by featuring your website on major all search platforms.
At a glance:
Visibility on Google, Facebook, and Bing
Presence alongside 3rd party vendors
20% increase in ticket sales
SaaS Ticketing
We help you drive revenue through our SaaS ticketing platform. A simple product fully integrated into your point of sale system and designed to improve your customer's ticket purchasing experience.
At a glance:
Easy to use mobile payment UI
Credit cards, vouchers, gift cards and loyalty programs
Accelerated Mobile Pages / AMP
Perfect when paired with Referral
CRM & Email Smart
We help you talk directly to your customers through our easy-to-use customer relationship management and emailing tool.
At a glance:
Easy to build mailings
Powerful scheduling capabilities
Highly targeted recipient lists
Automated showtime and movie integration
Unlimited campaigns and subscribers
Our products, alphabetically.
Template Website
Mobile App
Ticketing Pages
Facebook Movies
Ticketing Pages
Google Showtimes
Facebook Movies
Bing, IMDB, ...
Facebook Movies
Data-Driven Content
Data-Driven Content
Social Media
SEO Optimization
Facebook Movies
SEO Optimization
Smart Lists
Facebook Movies